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Gold and Gaudy

January 19, 2011

Even though my everyday jewelry is all silver, I do have quite a large amount of gold jewelry that I love mixing into outfits when I can. Subtle pieces are great for when you just want a simple, clean-cut look but I have an undeniable weakness for big, gold, gaudy pieces of jewelry. They can turn the most boring ensemble into something textured and eye-catching and come on, there’s no arguing that wearing bold costumey jewelry brings a certain element of fun to an outfit. Just the other day I went to have coffee with a friend and while all I could pull together was jeans and a vintage t-shirt, I spiced up the whole look by layering multiple big, obnoxious gold chains around my neck and poof! my jeans and t-shirt went from being a dull look to a chic outfit! Here are some pieces I wouldn’t mind adding to my assortment of gaudy gold jewelry.


  1. Kelly Framel Champagne Carcanet – $245
  2. Modcloth Magiciacada Earrings – $29.99
  3. Forever21 Large Leaf Hinged Cuff – $3.80
  4. Topshop Marbeled Frog Ring – $28
  5. Pamela Love Moon Cuffs – $460
  6. Asos 3 Finger Chains Hand Harness – $20.60
  7. Ranjana Khan Deco Bib Necklace – $1,150
  8. Low Luv Knuckle Armor Ring – $80
  9. Topshop Fishbone Earrings – $20
  10. Nugaard Chorizo Bracelet – $98
  11. Aesa Gold Laurel Necklace – $880
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  1. A.D. permalink
    January 19, 2011 10:14 am

    LOVE the Hemiptera (cicadas)! xo

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