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Tucked Away

January 6, 2011

When my brothers and I were little, one of our favorite things to do was build forts. We’d rummage through our linen closet, grabbing every sheet, blanket and quilt we could find, and with a few chairs, tables, ropes, and bed posts we’d create a magical world tucked away behind endless pieces of fabric.

I haven’t made a fort in years, but after stumbling across this blog, I have the biggest urge to create one in my apartment. I love that with just a few blankets, some pillows and a good set of string lights, a boring corner can suddenly become the most wonderful and cozy place to waste away the hours of a day. With it being so cold and dreary outside, nothing would give me more pleasure than to turn a little area of my apartment into a place where I can tuck myself away to write, read, and do whatever else my heart desires behind the safety of some perfectly draped bed sheets. Though I’m a little nervous that with one pounce Finn would pull down and destroy whatever fabric palace I’ve made up, but I suppose half the fun of building a fort is figuring out how to keep it from falling down…

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  1. January 6, 2011 11:18 am

    I love this post!!! Took me right back to my childhood. I used to build forts all the time with my best friend and my little brother. We had bunk beds at the time, and oh the forts you can make with those!! For some reason, the idea of sitting in a little fort is exciting, and you want to do it. I love it. Great photos!

    Kirstin Marie

  2. liv hauck permalink
    January 18, 2011 9:01 am

    i loveeee these. definitely creating some sort of mysterious, magical fort/den in my future home. i especially love the patio one with the mosquito netting and white chairs. so cool!

  3. January 30, 2011 3:00 pm

    I had the last photo already saved in my Inspirations folder, but now I can add more. Thanks! 🙂 I don’t think you’re ever too old to appreciate a good fort.

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