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Urban Pink

December 2, 2010

Now that we’re officially in the month of December I can finally begin my hunt for the perfect 2011 wall calendar. While I carry around a basic Moleskine planner in my bag everyday (see here), I love spicing up my kitchen with a fun and colorful wall calendar. I get perhaps a little too much satisfaction from turning to a new page each month which thus decorates my kitchen with a new photograph every thirty days or so. This past year a funny Sock Monkey calendar given to me by my friend Carolyn hung on the wall, and the previous year I went so far as to make my own calendar with some of my favorite inspiring photographs that I’d been saving on my computer over the years.

As I begin this year’s search, I can’t help but feature some adorable calendars by Meagen, the photographer behind the Toronto based Etsy shop Urban Pink Photography. While Meagen may reside in Canada, her photographs are clearly inspired by California coasts and hazy days of summer. I love how she plays with the colors of her photographs making them seem almost like paintings; and with such happy images there’s no doubt that these calendars would brighten up any wall.

{click on the smaller images to enlarge}

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  1. Katie permalink
    December 2, 2010 5:59 pm

    Wow! I love these photos. They remind me of old polaroids!

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