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New York Fashion Week – Day One

September 16, 2010

So far New York Fashion Week has been a wild ride of crazy fun, amazing fashion, and unexpected celebrity sightings. Working with Modelinia is such an honor and despite the fact that I managed to come down with a terrible cold on the first day, I’ve been having a fantastic time.

Thursday, September 9th

The first show on my schedule was Richard Chai: Love who’s work I have always been a fan of. This season his collection featured a variety of sheer, billowy fabrics and the most amazing oxford flats that I want in my wardrobe ASAP. Amongst the front row was Derek Blasberg (whom you can actually see in the first picture below in a pink sweater) and Kate Lanphear (I die), but what really stole the show for me was watching Hanne Gaby Odiele walk the runway. She’s always been one of my favorite models and I find her walk to be absolutely breathtaking. Talk about a perfect way to kick off the week.

Next up was Ruffian who’s work I was pretty unfamiliar with so I did a little research before venturing out to see his show. I was pleasantly surprised by the military inspired suits, lady-like dresses and colorful punches of empire blue, army green and bright red. I’ve never been much of a suit person, but this collection really got me thinking about how sexy and elegant a white suit is. Definitely adding that to my list of must-haves.

Hanne! •

After Ruffian I had a little break so I scurried home to write, walk the dog, eat some lunch and change outfits for the second edition of shows that day.

Next on the list was Mara Hoffman which I was beyond excited for. Honestly, I would give anything to just sit down to some herbal tea with Mara and rack her brain for a couple of hours, or maybe we could go pitch a teepee somewhere and hang out for a couple of days, I don’t know…either way I just adore her. And her clothes are spectacular!

While walking through the crowd I literally bumped right into Mara, who despite the crazily packed room was as sweet and delightful as I had imagined!

Mara’s on the far right (sorry about the bad lighting…there was a lot of back light) •

• via GQ •

After Mara Hoffman I was off to Cushnie et Ochs which I was totally stoked for. Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs have such incredible concepts and create unbelievable silhouettes that are both elegant and edgy which is not easy to pull off.

Let me be the first to say that I practically fell off my chair when I saw the shoes. Designer Alejandro Ingelmo created sky-high stilettos with uber long spikes that jutted out of the front and the back of the shoe. Disregarding the fact that they may or may not be a safety hazard, these shoes could seriously take the dumpiest of looks and make it into something rough and edgy. And what was most surprising about the shoes was that they still felt tasteful and classy. I feel like whenever spikes or studs are added to a look it immediately gives off a grungy, Madonna circa 1985 vibe, but pairing these extra long spikes with a classic pump exuded a modern-chic aesthetic that I can easily imagine pairing with a beautifully tailored cocktail dress.

Am I right or am I right? •

After Cushnie I scurried down to MILK Studios to see both the LNA and the Kimberly Ovitz presentations. LNA was fun, Californian and casual which is just what it should be. While nothing stood out to me as a “must-have”, it was certainly a collection that I can see having in my closet for those comfy days when I just feel like hanging around.

Totally obsessed with this leather bra •

Kimberly Ovitz on the other hand was, EPIC. She is such a visionary, I can hardly think of the words to describe her collection. The presentation was set up with models placed in multiple cubes made out of styrofoam! Keeping with a monochromatic palette, Ovitz showcased heavily structured, architectural silhouettes that were both futuristic and sexy.

Loved the make-up •

After Ovitz I went home again to do the usual W.W.E.C. (Write, Walk the dog, Eat, Change outfits), before heading back over to MILK for the LNA Afterparty to see Gang Gang Dance perform.

Me wearing a Boy by Band of Outsiders blazer and a Yarni Dress •

Among the crowd was Cole Mohr, Becka Diamond, Lissie Trullie and brace yourself, Chloë Sevigny! She was so nice and down to earth talking to hoards of scenester fans swarming around her. She was clearly there to hear Gang Gang Dance play seeing as how she jammed out to them the entire time, right in the center of the crowd! And rightfully so, because they sounded amazing as usual and played my two favorite songs: Crystals and House Jam. A perfect way to end an amazing first day of Fashion Week.

Gang Gang Dance •

More tomorrow I promise! But for now I have to sleep!!!





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