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Fall 2010 : Richard Chai

February 12, 2010

Messy layering, boxy jackets and baggy trousers were the highlights of Richard Chai’s Fall 2010 collection. Aside from the wool coats, the fabrics were predominantly lightweight and silky, which made for a beautiful contrast in each look. I loved the unexpected layering of this collection – cropped tops over button downs, extra long sweaters over figure skimming floor-length skirts; all of which projected a grungy, “just rolled out of bed” attitude. And what can I say, I love a bit of attitude in a collection.

Despite my love of Chai’s layering, most of the looks wouldn’t be attractive on anyone other than a model. Let’s face it, women have curves and a body-suctioning floor length ensemble isn’t going to look too great on someone like… Scarlett Johansson. That being said, what’s great about Fashion Week is that you can borrow certain ideas from different runways. In this case, I will definitely be layering crop-tops over my long sleeve button downs.

Here are my favorite looks:

Alla Kostromicheva

Sona Matufkova

Suvi Koponen

Elsa Sylvan

Alana Zimmer

Iris Strubegger

Anabela Belikova

Valerija Kelava - how ill is this jacket?!

Romana Umrianova

Meghan Collison

all photos via coutorture
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